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Ontspanjehier.com is an independent holidaywebsite about Andalusia for Dutch people who like to enjoy life.

Our main activity is mediating in outstanding Andalusian holiday accommodations.

Ontspanjehier.com is active in the following four disciplines:
1. Ontspanje.vakantie offers special holiday accommodations in Andalusia.
2. Ontspanje.doen offers inspiring (holiday) activities in Andalusia.
3. Ontspanje.wonen offers useful tips on living in Andalusia.
4. Ontspanje.spullen provides information on where to buy special items in Andalusia, such as furniture, clothing and accessories.

Ontspanjehier.com for visitors
All holiday accommodations and activities offered by Ontspanjehier.com were viewed, tested, tasted and approved by us. We pay attention to aspects that we ourselves regard as important and obvious. Our focus is on first impressions, attention paid to detail, quality and service. Our main strength is the fact that we are living in Andalusia ourselves and so are always on top of things.

Ontspanjehier.com for participants
We’ll be better together! We are looking for houses, holiday accommodations, specialists, suppliers and services that offer just that little bit extra. What we are looking for is people with a natural talent for hospitality, service and quality. These are people who feel at home with the aim and approach of Ontspanjehier.

Ontspanjehier.com for advertisers
Ontspanjehier.com offers four separate disciplines with information for specific, partly overlapping, target groups. Because the ads on our website come directly to the attention of the right target groups(s), they generate a maximum effect.

How to contact us:
The easiest way to contact Ontspanjehier.com is by email. We will answer your questions as soon as possible, no later than within two weekdays. If you prefer to call us, you can reach us from Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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