´The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams` (Eleanor Roosevelt)

Ontspanjehier was founded by Ronald Marees and Monica Welsing. Before we came to Andalusia, we owned a water sports centre with group accommodation in Friesland, the Netherlands. We thoroughly enjoyed doing this for almost ten years. Then finally came the time to find a new challenge.

The idea behind Ontspanjehier followed from the question: “How can we raise our sense of hospitality up to the next level and offer visitors an overview of the nicest, most beautiful and best places in Andalusia?”

Because Andalusia is our home, this includes not only nice places to stay but also reliable, high-quality services, from guided tours tours to surprising excursions and workshops.

Our goal is to become the best personal and professional travelspecialist of Andalusia for pleasure-lovers, regardless of whether they are here on holiday, for business or a combination of both. Be our guest!

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